Examination & Desk Copy Policy

For the convenience of educators, we have harmonized our examination and desk copy policy with those of Princeton University Press, the University of California Press, and other academic publishers.

  1. Qualified teachers, instructors, and professors are entitled to a complimentary desk copy of each book adopted for course use. One additional complimentary desk copy is available for every 25 new copies ordered by your institution or bookstore.

  2. If you are a teacher, instructor, or professor who is considering using one of our titles for your course, you may request an examination copy by contacting us using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page. Supplying an academic or professional email address, where possible, rather than a private hotmail or gmail address will speed up the approval process. Examination copies are sent at the discretion of the publisher. If we cannot verify a teaching status, recognize an institution, or determine whether a course is taught in English, then we may not be able to fulfill an examination copy request.

  3. Please include the name of the course, projected enrollment, and semester for the examination copy you are requesting.

  4. Once you have submitted a valid examination copy request, we will send you a 90-day examination copy for review accompanied by a proforma invoice. If you adopt the book and place an order for six (6) or more copies within 90 days, no payment will be due for the examination copy, and it will become your complimentary desk copy.

  5. If you do not adopt the book, you may return it in saleable condition within 90 days and no payment will be due. If you wish to keep the book for personal use but will not be adopting it for course use, we will send an invoice for the book's listed retail price less 25% lecturer's discount.

  6. We regret that we are unable to provide complimentary copies of books with a listed retail price over $100, except in cases where a desk copy accompanies a confirmed order for six (6) or more copies.


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