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Post Toronto Books is a small, boutique publisher originally serving audio engineering professionals, sound designers, musicians and enthusiasts with select books by expert authors.

Philip Giddings' Audio Systems Design and Installation has long been hailed by his peers in the audio industry and related fields as a useful, reliable, and classic reference book. Following limited publication runs of the book in both hard and soft cover formats, Philip had been receiving more and more inquiries from consultants, teachers, sound system designers, and installers who were frustrated that they couldn't find a copy. At Post Toronto Books, we felt certain that the book's original circulation had suffered somewhat from a lack of tightly focused marketing to its target audience. Meanwhile, the book had attracted a tremendous following and used copies were circulating on amazon.com and similar used book sites at highly inflated prices, occasionally reaching close to $2,000—a price which, if nothing else, indicates the book's perceived value as measured by low supply and high demand.

Post Toronto Books made the decision to market Audio Systems Deisgn and Installation directly to colleges, universities, vocational schools, pro audio industry organizations, and enthusiasts interested in good sound and reliable audio installations with low noise.

Post Toronto Books also publishes The Bottomless Money Pit: The Professional Recording Studio Business by long-time audio tech and Canadian Neumann/Sennheiser/Studer service head Roger Ginsley.

We also carry ebooks.

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